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• 3/31/2015

Make Your Own League of ROBLOX Character!

This is the place to make up League of ROBLOX Characters! Says so in the title, no further instruction needed.

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• 11/23/2015

Name: BroRubik

Class Type: Buffing Disruptor

Description: BroRubik may be an ordinary ROBLOX user, but in the battlefield and when trouble strikes, BroRubik is your hero who saves the day! With the ability to disrupt enemies in the fight, while having the ability to buff himself, BroRubik is basically unstoppable. Play BroRubik if you want to have the ability to siphon statistics from other enemies.

Base Stats:

Skillz:H4X: 10.7 Toughness: 11.3 Resistance: 9.5 Speed: 15.5 Health: 175

Animations: BroRubik will have the same default ROBLOX walking animation and idle animation.

Basic Attack Damage: 40% of BroRubik's H4X


1. Superior Slap!: BroRubik will slap the enemy in front of him, knocking back the nearest enemy in front of him, dealing (5 + 4 per ability level + 15% of H4X) damage, and siphoning the enemy's walkspeed by (2 per ability level) percent for 1.5 seconds. (10 second cooldown, damage affects turrets.)

2. Flight Impact: BroRubik will hover midair, and dash forward, dealing (6 + 5 per ability level + 25% of H4X) damage to the first enemy hit, and siphoning (2 per ability level) Resistance from the enemy for 1.5 seconds. (16 second cooldown)

3. Superhuman Agility: BroRubik flips, damaging the enemies in front of him, and siphoning each enemy's Toughness by (1 per ability level) for 1.5 seconds. If only one enemy is hit by this, the effect lasts to 2 seconds instead. (12 second cooldown.)

4. Hidden Identity: BroRubik turns into Super Rubiks, having each stat (excluding regenration) increase by (5 per ability level) percent for (0.7 per ability level) seconds. (50 second cooldown)

Weaknesses: BroRubik lacks range, making ranged classes easy to harass BroRubik in a range without worrying about having their statistics siphoned. BroRubik also lacks resistance, being vulnerable to classes who uses H4X. Ironically, BroRubik does not fend well with weak and early game users, as they have low statistics to siphon from.

• 12/31/2015

Name: Gusmanak

Class Type: All-Around

Description: Being the creator of Apocolypse Rising, Gusmanak brings his arsenal to battle to shoot zombies and stab foes and the same time! His arsenal includes a top-notch and handy gun, a reliable medipack, a modern flashlight, and a last resort, but overall useful knife. Play Gusmanak if you want to be prepare for basically anything that comes your way.

Base Stats:

'Skillz: 11.6 H4X: Toughness: 10.4 Resistance: 8.5 Walkspeed: 15.5 H'ealth: 175

Animations: Gusmanak has the normal/default ROBLOX animation when idle or moving. When left mouse trigger is pressed, Gusmanak stabs forward with the knife.

Basic Attack Damage: 55% of Gusmanak's Skillz


1. Brutal Knife: Gusmanak throws forward with the knife, which deals (5.5 + 3.5 per ability level + 22.5% of Skillz) damage to the first enemy hit and will deflect the knife and Gusmanak will gain the knife back with ease, halving the cooldown. If the ability misses, the cooldown will be normally start. 8 second cooldown (4 second cooldown if hit).

2. Makarov: Gusmanak quickly grabs his Makarov Pistol and shoots forward, piercing through enemies who are hit by the bullet, and dealing (8 + 4.5 per ability level + 30% of Skillz) damage to them as well. The cooldown increases slightly after eight uses with this ability by 6 seconds. 12 second cooldown (18 second cooldown after 8 uses).

3. Flashlight: Gusmanak thusly grabs his flashlight and turns it on, blasting a beam of light towards the area in front of him. If an enemy is hit by this beam of light, they will be stunned by (0.5 + 0.25 per ability level) seconds and be damaged by (1 + 2 per ability level + 3% of Skillz) as well. 15 second cooldown.

4. Medical Pack: Gusmanak goes immobile for a few moments, crouching down. After that, he grabs out a medical pack and slams it to the ground, creating a white field with a small radius. This makes Gusmanak and allies around be healed by (10 + 12 per ability level + 40% of Skillz) instantly. 50 second cooldown.

Weaknesses: Gusmanak is overall great at surviving most deadly attacks that are inflicted to him. However, Gusmanak has no rusher potential overall, making enemies who have a mobility advantage will easily take Gusmanak down, despite his ranged potential. In addition, only Flashlight will protect him from rushers, but once you dodge that, Gusmanak is vulnerable and cannot run (literally). However, take note of Medical Pack, so you must attack as fast as you can.

• 12/31/2015

Name: WishNite

Class Type: Pure Disruptor

Description: Harnessing the powers of Pokemon, WishNite wants to battle... other players to their death! With great burst moves and crowd control, WishNite will greatly destroy others with a lot of H4X. Play WishNite if you like moves to be super effective.

Base Stats:

Skillz: H4X: 15.5 Toughness: 7.5 Resistance: 13.5 Walkspeed: 14 Health: 155

Animations: WishNite will have the default ROBLOX walking and idle animation. When left mouse trigger is pressed, WishNite will slash both hands forward (imitating Tackle).

Basic Attack Damage: 35% of H4X


1. Hydro Pump: WishNite goes immobile and bends forward for a few moments, then shoots out two water projectiles from his shoulders. When an enemy is hit physically by a water projectile, it'll deal (5 + 3.5 per ability level + 12.5% of H4X) damage to the enemy each. If a water projectile reaches the end of its range or hits an obstacle (including other players), the water projectile will explode, dealing (3 + 1.5 per ability level + 5% of H4X) AoE damage. 8 second cooldown.

2. Flamethrower: WishNite breathes out fire, damaging enemies who are in front of him by (8 + 4.5 per ability level + 30% of H4X) damage per second. In addition, a effect will inflict on the enemy hit, which will poison the enemy by (4 + 4 per ability level + 17.5% of H4X) damage per second, for a total amount of (1 + 0.25 per ability level) seconds. However, WishNite will be slowed by (15 + 2.5 per ability lvel) percent until the ability stops. 15 second cooldown.

3. Thunderbolt: WishNite channels his electric energy, being immobile for a few moments. After that, WishNite slams his fist to the ground, creating a thunderbolt at a targeted location. The thunderbolt will deal (8 + 5.5 per ability level + 40% of H4X) AoE damage to nearby enemies. In addition, the hit enemies will be electrocuted and be stunned by (0.25 per ability level) seconds, with electrical particles emitting around them, then the effect will stop once the electrocution effect stops. 17 second cooldown.

4. Solar Beam: WishNite gains solar energy from the sun, channeling energy to his palms for three seconds, which makes him immobile during this time. After three seconds, WishNite shoots out a beam of light that goes for a very large range, damaging enemies by (50% of H4X) AoE damage instantly. The Solar Beam will last (2 + 0.2 per ability level) seconds before stopping. 60 second cooldown.

Weaknesses: While having great damaging abilities with a lot of crowd control and effects, just remember that his cooldown is very large. When WishNite's abilities are all used, engage, since WishNite lacks defense and phyisical damage. In addition, WishNite will have lower mobility than most classes, so take note of it. Just make sure that a good WishNite user will conserve his abilities until needed.

• 1/17/2016

Name: Draconix(AKA Jamees123)

Type: Durable Stand-alone(Stand-alone is a type I designed myself: Literally, epic defensive ability, with a high damage rate and even higher defense. Can slow down enemies to make it easier to kill them)

Skins: Basic(Normal) skin \/


 Bandit Survivor skin > http://t6.rbxcdn.com/1f900cdf8f37baa12ac8a9134a26c3f2 Spatial Paladin skin > http://t0.rbxcdn.com/039380d878e126cf658598a7aedd6cdd Eneircosian Knight Skin > http://t4.rbxcdn.com/3b0d614d6f4b37575f40167f81638387

Health: 500

H4X: 26

Skillz: 26

Toughness: 12

Resistance: 12

Walkspeed: 15

Weakness: Due to spread amounts of his unfortunate all-around form of damage stacking, he cannot single-out a particular stat without making at least 2 of his abilities rather lackluster, forcing Draconix to spread out his stats.

Weapon: Nunchuck Mana Blasters(Normal skin has a blue laser one, Bandit has a dark blue, Paladin has red, and the Eneircosian Knight has green.) Is swung in a sweeping motion in front of Draconix, back and forth, before the two bits of the weapon are slammed into each other, forming a magic laser dealing damage equal to 1xH4X+2xSkillz-.3xHealth; Damage scales from there. Idle animation is just the nunchucks at his left hip. Has a 50% chance for the laser to be either fire damage(Can cause a small DoT with a .5x Skillz level taken from enemy health) or a sonic vibration(Stuns for only 2 seconds).

Abilities: Sonicfire Reaction(1): Nunchucks are used to produce a single laser bolt that, upon hitting a spot up to 30 studs away, creates a zone of burning flames and staggering sound that slows down enemies, deals damage equal to Skillz, basis of Shedletsky's damage scale. Has 4 ranks; Rank one is normal damage of Skillz damage x.5, and scales to Skillz damage x.6, and on and finally Skillz damage x.8. It doesn't deal much damage, but DOES slow the enemy down by 4 walkspeed. Has a recharge speed of 25 seconds.

Raging Spirit(2): Draconix glows with red and silver light(regardless of skin!), and immediately gains a damage boost, but loses defence. Has only 2 ranks, rank one is a damage boost of 40% and a defence debuff of 30%; Rank 2 is 60% damage boost, and a 70% defence debuff. Defence is given to all nearby allies, excluding other players. Has a recharge speed of 12-30 seconds. Damage/defence is unchanging, but the recharge time goes from 30 down to 12, depending on how balanced the stats are over time.

Wrath of Maxilos(3): forms a robotic warrior that, for 10 seconds, shoots at only enemy minions, dealing 50 damage each time. Has the one rank, and damage scales by the mathematic equivalent of H4X times 10. Has a recharge speed of 24 seconds.

Mahivian Oblivion(4): A shadowy entity(out of 5) of 10(2 each entity) different elements forms next to Draconix, and fires their elemental blasts from their own nunchuck, causing a status effect based on the entities elements dealing a stacking damage of 30 points per each 15 points put into both of Draconix's defensive stats, divided by one fifth of the H4X stat, and added by one twelfth of his Skillz. Recharge speed of 1 minute. Elements and the effects of the elements are: Light+Shadow(Light slows down enemies while Shadow deals a DoT at instant of impact), Lightning+Ice(Lightning electrifies an enemy, stunning randomly while Ice slows them down), Earth+Wind(Earth stuns, and Wind knocks them back), Water+Sand(Water and Sand both slow an enemy down), Iron+Gravity(Stuns, and slows down an enemy by 5 walkspeed)

Passive trait: Doubled Mind: Cannot be stunned at all, and whats more, stun abilities, when used on Draconix, cause the user of the stun to get stunned themselves for 3 seconds.

Description: A warrior who uses fire made from sound to assault foes and defend his home turf, with unbelievable damage and even more unbelievable defence; However, his abilities require precision balancing to work properly. If you are tired of having an idiot team that focuses on just the one lane on multi-lane maps, and having to solo all on you're own without any help when the enemy team attacks the other lanes, Draconix, the Toa Mahvi of Sonicflames, is you're guy, with a slowdown ability, a power boost that, while lowering defence, deals massive damage, moderate recharge time, and a variable ultimate that can deal any amount of confusion to the enemy; Just be careful and keep an eye on you're health!!

Killed By Description: You were killed by Draconix; whatever you do, just don't solo him!!! He is the newest type of fighter in the League: A stand-alone, which means, you need more than one person to take him down! Be wary of his nunchuk mana blasters, because either you're stunned and he gets in close with his melee, or you're health is decimated with fiery damage dealt to you over time...And whatever you do, RUN WHEN HE BOOSTS AND USES HIS MAHIVIAN OBLIVION! It could deal extreme amounts of damage in seconds! Careful now, because he is the only character of twin elemental damage, with fiery rage, and a loud voice; you have been warned!

• 1/18/2016
My character has you pick 3 characters out of 30 options. A few of them are "Stand Alone" Characters. This one is different but the kind of "Stand Alone" some of my characters are is "Being able to handle things all by himself/herself"
• 2/6/2016

Name:  awesomehfhhr

Weapons: Magic-Thingy aura

Weakness: Due to HFHHR's lategame greatness, it's good to kill him earlygame; and try to not feed him. Also he relies a bit on his team.

Class Type: Burst Carry

LORE'S group leader joins the fight with his almighty plays!

H4X: 25





1) Ranks!

Hfhhr throws a projectile; Based on the enemy he hits's kills, it does more damage. It also can affect more people with a blast radius.

2) The Plays!

Hfhhr makes an amazing play; and the crowd cheers for him. When activated, hfhhr will toggle The Plays; once he kills an enemy or 5 minions; he gets 5 temp. hax for 5 mins.

3) Clan

hfhhr spawns an soldier, which is based on 40% of his stats. He has the same abilities to hfhhr and does extra damage.

4) Come on, everybody!

Hfhhr gets confident and raises his h4x and skillz for 20%.

Strategy: Play safe. You have to wait for ganks to truly get the best of his 2nd skill. His 3rd skill is for securing his skillshots, and for doing extra damage. You wanna kill people fast; atleast 5 kills.

Because in late game, you have great potential. Plus he has a feed fight-back, what makes him unique. HFHHR is truly a game-changer in my opinion.

• 4/11/2016

Name: Biostream

Class Type: Buffing Disruptor

Description: Biostream is the all-known creator of Hexaria, converting cards from the game to the League of ROBLOX, making Biostream a supportive ally you should have. Biostream is a full-on support, while having debuffs to enemies to stop their tracks. Play Biostream if you want to be an offensive support.

Base Stats:

Skillz: H4X: Toughness: 12.5 Resistance: 9.5 Walkspeed: 14 Health: 135

Basic Attack Damage: 42.5% of Skillz

Animation: Biostream will have his arms spread out slightly when idle or walking, having five sets of cards on his right hand. When attacking, Biostream will punch with his left fist forward.


1a. Attack Buff: When Biostream presses 1 twice, Biostream will bend down and touch the ground, creating a small red hexagon that spreads around the ground. The hexagon will buff Biostream (12.5 + 2.5 per ability level) percent of his Skillz and H4X, while allies nearby him will be buffed by (22.5 + 2.75 per ability level) percent of their Skillz and H4X. The buff lasts for 3.5 seconds. (12.5 second cooldown)

1b. Attack Debuff: When Biostream presses 1, then clicks on an enemy instead of pressing 1 twice, Biostream will point forward. A small, white hexagon will appear below the clicked enemy, spinning around, then disappearing. This will make the enemy debuffed by (12.5 + 2.5 per ability level) percent of his Skillz and H4X for 2.75 seconds. (12.5 second cooldown)

2a. Defense Buff: When Biostream presses 2 twice, Biostream will bend down and touch the ground, creating a small blue hexagon that spreads around the ground. The hexagon will buf Biostream (12.5 + 2.5 per ability level) percent of his Toughness and Resistance, while allies nearby him will be buffed by (22.5 + 2.75 per ability level) percent of their Toughness and Resistance. The buff lasts for 3.5 seconds. (12.5 second cooldown)

2b. Defense Debuff: When Biostream presses 2, then clicks on an enemy instead of pressing 2 twice, Biostream will point forward. A small, black hexagon will appear below the clicked enemy, spinning around, then disappearing. This will make the enemy debuffed by (12.5 + 2.5 per ability level) percent of his Toughness and Resistance for 2.75 seconds. (12.5 second cooldown)

3. Discard: Biostream will point forward with his right hand and will throw all 5 of his cards away at the same time, in different directions, in front of him. This will increase Biostream's speed by (0.5 + 0.5 per ability level), but will lose the ability to activate any abilities. If it passes through an ally, they will be healed (2.5 + 0.5 per ability level) percent of their maximum health plus (5 per ability level) percent of their lost health as extra heals. If it passes through an enemy, it deals (6.5 + 1.75 per ability level + 12.5% of H4X) damage to the enemy. It'll disappear if it passes through a player, an obstacle, or reaches the end of its range. (22.5 second cooldown)

4. Meta Card: Biostream will throw his Meta Card up into the air, creating a giant sword in the air. Biostream will jump up in the air and will grab the handle. After that, Biostream will go towards the mouse location in a 50 stud radius. If an enemy is in the locaton, Biostream will slice through their body, he will deal (80% of H4X) damage to the enemy. (55 second cooldown - 2.75 seconds per ability level)

Weaknesses: Biostream has the weakest base stats out of all the champions, so he is weak at the start. In addition, most of his attacks involve buffing himslef or debuffing the enemy first before attacking. Try to rush in and kill Biostream quickly before he reacts. Make sure his ultimate is in cooldown, though!

• 4/12/2016
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