BlockHaak is a Skillz-Based, Ranged, Sustain Carry in League of ROBLOX. With him on the battlefield, he will dominate with his grown beard. He is unlocked at level 4.


Base Stats = 150 Health, 14 Movespeed, 11 Skillz, 0 H4x, 12 Toughness, and 12 Resistance |-|Abilities ='''Disc Launcher:''' "''BlockHaak rapidly fires discs from his disc launcher, firing (5 + 1 per ability level) shots, each doing (2 + 1.25 per ability level + 3.5% of Skillz) damage to the first enemy it hits.''"

Game Jumping: "BlockHaak leaps to a target location, dealing (5 + 5 per ability level + 20% of Skillz) and slowing (10% + 7.5% per ability level) or 2 seconds enemy hit. For the next three seconds, he can reactivate this ability to return to his original location.

Intimidate: "BlockHaak stares down his enemies, causing them to become stunned for (0.5 + 0.25 per ability level) seconds."

The Beard: "BlockHaak grows his beard out a little bit, permanently increasing his Skillz by 2." |-| Description =BlockHaak is half of the ROBLOX's blog team, but his nerf skills are what keep him alive here in the League of ROBLOX. Even the slightest stare down from this bearded blogger can scare the living daylights out of even the most hardened ROBLOXian, and his beard seems to give him unnatural powers. Play BlockHaak if you want to be a late-game monster.' |-|Strategy While Using=

Always use The Beard whenever it goes off cool-down.

Game Jumping can be used twice; so after using Game Jumping for a kill, you can leap back to safety.

Disc Launcher's shots scales on 3.5% of Skillz. Buy Skillz, so you can deal a decent amount of damage in a short amount of time.

Use Intimidate to stop enemies from running back to safety. This is also your chance to attack, or use Disc Launcher. |-|Strategy Against = Stay away while Disc Launcher is active.

Be careful if BlockHaak leans back; he is getting ready to stun.

BlockHaak can easily run around you and escape you with Game Jumping; fight him when it's on cooldown.